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Help you see your highest potential, let go of the heaviness of who you used to be, and feel unconditionally loved, guided, and supported as you do what you were born to do.



I'm Micaela, a certified life coach,
hypnotherapist, & branding mentor

hello love!

But sadly, most of us are born into circumstances that don't support our discovery of that. So we bury it. We try to fit in and do what we're supposed to do. And that leaves us feeling empty and confused.

I know I felt that way for most of my life.

I grew up in a small Massachusetts town and always felt out of place. I never really felt like I belonged anywhere. I always had a fiery spirit and a mind of my own deep down inside of me. But I lost my true self at a young age because I was trying to fit in. I was empty, lonely, and dealt with my fear by numbing my pain with food.

My life was consumed with that need to fit in for about 15 years. I was so miserable and anxious. I struggled with a serious eating disorder and needed constant validation to feel worthy. I lost myself in unhealthy relationships, partying, and a deep desire to be loved and accepted by people who didn't really get me. I looked around and saw that everyone else was just as miserable. I was confused and didn't know why they were so accepting of this kind of life. I felt a part of me screaming to make a change. I knew that life was meant to be more beautiful than the one I had been living.

my cheeks are so on brand :')


I started wanting more for myself. & more is exactly what I got.

Even though I was afraid and confused, I stopped listening to what was expected of me and started listening to my intuitive guidance. I didn't know where it would bring me, but I left everything I knew behind and moved all the way across the country. When I freed myself phsyically from my past, I opened up to endless possibilities for who I could become. I felt free. I started opening myself up to my own spirituality. I was so sick of being told who and what to believe in (and was fairly traumatized from my Catholic school experience to say the least). But I was ready and willing to do anything to find myself again. I took some time away from my old life to just be with myself. It wasn't easy. I detached from who I used to be but still didn't know who I was becoming. It was during this isolation where I started to tap into my deeper spiritual beliefs and understanding of my purpose. I realized that we tend to over-complicate things. We think our purpose has to just be "one thing" and fail to realize that our purpose is simply to listen to our own intuitive guidance and let it lead the way. Our purpose is to ignore what everyone else expects of us and be our authentic selves, whatever the fuck that looks like.


Because we're all capable of creating lives we love.

but most of us get too caught up in our fears to believe it.

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I discovered the incredible POWER of combining spiritual practices, coaching, and hypnotherapy to create intentional lasting change within myself and my clients. I met my soulmate, healed my relationship with my body, and started my own business guiding other women to access that power within themselves. It is my mission to push you to see the infinite possibilities out there for you. You don't need to do things the way everybody else is doing it. You don't have to feel empty, lost, and miserable and just tell yourself that's how it has to be. You don't have to work for somebody else forever and follow someone else's rules. You don't have to struggle in your relationships, finances, and connection to yourself. You get to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and dare to want more for yourself.


You might choose to believe that your current circumstances are just the way life is. Or, you might see that emptiness as a sign that you're missing something. You might allow yourself to believe that there is something more for you out there, waiting to be discovered.

If you're ready to find out what you're missing & feel totally loved and supported as you make your way through it all, then I'm ready when you are.

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