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Growing up, I felt totally alone with all that I was going through, dealing with heaviness I thought no one could relate to. It wasn't until I started making genuine connections with other women that I realized I wasn't alone. I realized how important it is to be open with each other about our stories. I mean, we consume so much fake, perfectionistic bullshit on a daily's so refreshing to get a daily dose of reality. The truth is that we all struggle. We all have our own stories and backgrounds, but many of our challenges are the same.

This blog is intended to help you remember that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. And most importantly, that the hard times do not have to last forever. I'm here to inspire you to create the health, career, relationships and LIFE that you desire. Laying it all out for stories, struggles, how I found my way out, relationship tips, spiritual practices, healthy recipes - everything that's helped me transform at the deepest level possible.

Welcome to my inner world, beautiful.


much love, micaela

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