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We've been taught that we just have to keep pushing forcing, and fighting to get where we want to be. Then, we end another day *not* doing the things we said we would do, and we think there's something wrong with us because we didn't have enough "willpower."


Well, my love, I'm here to let you off the hook and let you know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. Here's why: your motivation does not come from your conscious mind deciding that something would be good for you. Your motivation comes from your subconscious mind, which stores your beliefs, habits, previous experiences, skills, and controls 90% of the action you take on a daily basis. So if you feel stuck, it's likely that your subconscious programming is holding you back - not because you haven't tried hard enough.


Hypnotherapy is the key to trying smarter, not harder, It is the process of relaxing the conscious mind so that we can replace your old beliefs and habits with new ones that help you get unstuck and align with who you truly want to be.



a state of deep relaxation similar to the feeling you get right before you fall asleep or when you are immersed in a good book or movie. It is a time where your conscious mind can wander off, making space for your subconscious mind to receive positive suggestions, habits, and imagery aligned with your fullest potential. 

what is hypnosis?



Hypnotherapy can feel like magic to those who do not understand how it works. How is it possible to simply remove thoughts, behaviors, and patterns that have been so hard to change? Well, it is scientifically proven that your brain is malleable. Which means that it can be easily influenced and trained. Unfortunately, without awareness of this, we are unconsciously programmed to be, do, and feel things that might not always give us the best outcome. Once you have the awareness of how your brain works, you can use that awareness to actively choose how your subconscious mind operates. It is one of the most effective tools for making the changes you desire without feeling like you're running on sheer willpower and force.


We will begin our work by talking about what has been making you feel stuck in life.

Most of us have a long list of things we would like to change. Whether it is feeling more confident, motivated, clear-minded, asserting better boundaries, implementing healthy routines, habits, and lifestyles changes, or overcoming specific fears and anxiety. We will use our first session to address what is weighing on you most.


We will create a vision for what it would look like if you were to overcome your current setbacks and feel totally free from the patterns, beliefs, and thoughts that are not serving you any longer. When it is fully described, I will guide you to a place where you can let your conscious mind relax. There is no pressure to have a completely clear mind here. In fact, there is no pressure to do anything at all. As you follow my cues, your conscious mind will wander off and your subconscious mind will be open to new, positive suggestions.

After each session, you will be provided with a hypnosis recording and personalized affirmations to continue the process at a deeper level. You will find that resolving one issue can create a domino effect of positive change in your life without having to overthink it. 

how it works

hypnotherapy can help with


Healthy habits are the key to a successful life. How many times have you heard that? You might know what you need to feel your best. You might have even tried to implement these habits. But when you try, you find it hard to stick to it or even start in the first place. As if some unknown force is pulling you back into old patterns, forcing you to push it off until "tomorrow."

Your habits are simply repeated behaviors that are considered safe to your subconscious mind. No matter how detrimental they are to your health, success, or well-being, the subconscious mind feels safe in what's familiar. In hypnotherapy, we will have access to speak directly to your subconscious, letting it know that these new improved habits are safe and even desirable to explore.


morning/evening routines, mindfulness, exercise, eating, smoking, drinking


You came into this world filled with confidence, curiosity, and joy. You knew who you were and felt comfortable expressing yourself. Eventually, you realized that the world around you was not a safe container for you to be your full self. As a child, we absorb everything we are told and everything we experience as the truth of who we are. We do not have the ability to critically think and question it.

So if at any point you were led to believe that you were not smart enough, not beautiful enough, not good enough, not worthy of love, money, or health, your subconscious mind internalized that as the truth and that created your reality. Luckily for you, you now have access to the real truth of who you are and what you're capable of. Through hypnosis, you, as an adult, get to choose to reframe who you are, heal your inner child, and release your past.


self-confidence, authenticity, body image, positive self-talk, worthiness, trusting yourself


When you feel a certain way on repeat or in response to a trigger, the subconscious mind memorizes that feeling and can turn it into a part of your "personality." Maybe it's a feeling of dread in the morning, a fear of abandonment or heights, social anxiety, or racing intrusive thoughts before bed, to name a few. This becomes your new normal and it can be incredibly difficult to shift out of these feelings by choice.

We will work together to address the root cause of these feelings. Allowing you a safe space to process and imagine what it would be like if you freed yourself from these patterns. Together we will honor your past while opening up space you to feel good in the present.


anxiety, fears, stress, repeated feelings


It's inevitable that any big event in your life that stretches you out of your comfort zone will come with some fear. Whether it's a big exam, giving a speech, leading a group, teaching your first class, getting on a sales call, you might find yourself thinking of all the ways you could potentially mess up.

Hypnotherapy can help your subconscious mind to align with the best possible outcome for you. Turning your fear into excitement, your insecurities into confidence, and those old limiting beliefs into expansive, confidence-boosting thoughts.


exams, sports games, public speaking, social media, leading, teaching

let's get started


what past clients


"Micaela has helped me to completely shift from self-hatred to self-confidence. I grew up saying so many negative things to myself every day. I knew I was supposed to love myself but it just felt impossible most days when I woke up and looked in the mirror. I tried affirmations and positive self-talk but I never saw any changes. It always felt forced. After a few hypnotherapy sessions, the automatic negative voice in my head is gone. I have so much more energy to take care of myself now. The best part about working with Micaela is that you can tell she gets what you're going through. She genuinely cares so much about you and it shows."

Rebecca H.

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