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How I manifested my life in California

Growing up, I used one of the most extraordinary manifestation techniques daily without ever being aware of it. It is single-handedly the thing that led me to this beautiful life in California where I have an amazing relationship with myself, my body, my career, my boyfriend...

Something younger me wanted so badly.

It was my first ever trip to California. My parents were on a work trip in Santa Barbara and brought me and my brother along. I was immediately enchanted.

Not just by the weather, the palm trees, the beaches...but the people too.

There was something different about the California locals. They all seemed to be kinder, freer, and moved slower than the people I knew on the east coast. The people I met didn't seem preoccupied or stressed. They just seemed genuinely happy.

This way of being resonated with me deep down in my soul. For the first time in a while, I felt excited and hopeful about life.

I really struggled to grow up on the east coast. The fast paced, results, credential oriented lifestyle seemed to make everyone miserable yet they just kept going with it.

When I was younger I couldn't do it. I just wanted to feel happy and I didn't know how to in those circumstances. So I resorted to finding my joy from food. I felt so out of touch with my body. So out of alignment with how I wanted to live.

But I will never forget that day, sitting on the beach in Santa Barbara - when an iconic "California cool girl" (the little sister of my babysitter) approached us with her boyfriend.

There was a glow about her. She looked so happy. So free. So content in her life. And I'm sure 11 year old me glamorized it a bit. But I took a mental snapshot in that moment. This was what I wanted.

That pattern I started at a young age was a secret manifestation technique that led me to a life even better than what I was imagining.

Instead of looking at someone who had my dream and getting frustrated that it wasn't my life...

I got excited.

I anticipated that it would be mine soon.

And it took 13 years for that to actually manifest.

But each step of the way, as I saw someone with what I wanted, I took another mental snapshot.

Adding it to the list of who I was becoming.

The type of business I wanted

The relationship I desired

My dream body

Everything from my wardrobe, to my skin, to my home, to my furniture...

And let me tell you, things did NOT look like they were heading in that direction for a while.

If you ask anyone who knew me in my teenage years, they probably never would have expected me to be who I am today.

But I stayed persistent in one thing - not letting my current reality create a permanent story about how my life would unfold.

And slowly, everything started to fall into place for me.

I manifested a body that I felt strong, healthy, and free in.

I manifested my soulmate walking right into my life.

I manifested my dream business.

I manifested a beautiful life in California.

And I want you to know that all of this is possible for you too. The story in your mind telling you why it was easier for me than it was for you is just your fears holding you back. Let yourself get excited that someone out there is living your dream. Sit with anticipation of that materializing in your life too.

You are worthy of it. Any story in your mind telling you that your not is a story you can rewrite anytime.

So why not now?

Just close your eyes. Think of what you want. Let excitement build up in you knowing that it is coming. I promise you, it works.

Much love,



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