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How to take charge of your life

There comes a point where we have to look inward and see the ways that we are making ourselves feel powerless on a daily basis

So often, we allow ourselves to feel like a victim of our life circumstances. We don't realize that there are so many small choices we can make on a daily basis to help ourselves heal, grow, and remember who we are and what we are capable of

The other week, a mentor of mine told me that scrolling on social media was holding me back drastically. This was something I already knew and I had felt this intuitive nudge to stop doing it for a long time. But for some reason, when she told me this, I realized that I was ignoring my own intuitive nudge and writing a story of powerlessness because scrolling on social media feels comforting and addicting.

I felt this surge of power inside of me to realize that these intuitive nudges are the very thing that will get us from where we currently are to the next level of success (by my definition: happiness, freedom, ease, and joy) in our lives.

For the next week, every single time I picked up my phone to scroll, I tapped into the power of free will within me and put down my phone to focus on myself.

Within just ONE day, I felt my energy completely shift. Creativity began flowing again and I started to feel more at peace within myself.

Often, we create a long list of things we have to do to get from where we are to where we want to be, but we don’t have the drive or energy to get us there because we aren’t taking a look at the areas of our lives where we are giving away that energy to things that do not serve us

We ALL know exactly what (or who) those energy drains are

And we ALL have the power to say enough is enough and create boundaries in our lives out of love and respect for who we are becoming

And don’t get me wrong, 1 week later I found myself scrolling again, realized how anxious and shitty it made me feel, and I struggled to stop for a few days

But I am being relentless in continuing to remember my power

I will not let myself be a victim to these patterns that hold me back from my true desires

And I encourage you today to ask yourself these questions:

Where am I giving away my power in my life?

Is there an area of my life where I could call back my power today?

If I weren’t doing that, what would I have space to do?

If I could replace this habit with something that fueled me instead of draining me, what would that be?

Your life will not change when you do everything you said you were going to do. It will change when you stop doing the things that drain you and access the power of your free will. Only then will you have space to be all that you came here to be.

Much love,



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