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The secret to being truly happy

What is being truly, truly happy?

Most of us probably haven't felt a genuine sense of happiness since childhood, or maybe ever. We may have moments of joy, but they are always fleeting....

Our minds relentlessly scan for the next thing we have to do, what could go wrong, and we grip with all our might to the thing that provided us that momentary feeling of happiness.

I remember feeling this way the first time I lost weight. I was full of joy. But that feeling soon became overpowered by fear that I wouldn't be able to maintain it. I became obsessed with analyzing all of the things I needed to do to hold onto that feeling. And the happiness was immediately replaced with fear.

The same has been true for money. Moments in my life where I've felt financially abundant were always overpowered by the fear of losing it all.

When I started to build muscle, I forced my body to stick to that gym regimen in fear that my body would lose all its progress.

When I started to get straight A's, I gripped onto that perfect GPA like my life depended on it.

Not once did I ask myself why I was doing this and WHO I was doing this for.

Not once did I wonder if I could have all of these things that I wanted without having to work so hard.

Not once did I recognize that the stories I was telling myself

Need to do _____ to get my desire...

Were creating that reality for me

That's the thing. Most of us don't believe we are powerful manifestors. So we become completely mind-dominated.

We convince ourselves that being a "hard worker" is the most valuable thing about us. But we don't realize that we are only working that hard to prove something to the world. To feel good enough. To feel like we have a purpose.

The truth is, being busy is distracting you from the fact that you don't know yourself. You don't know what you want. And you aren't living your life for you.

Because when we are doing something for ourselves, it starts to feel good eventually.

Yes, maybe it takes some discipline in the beginning. But eventually, you would start to be able to breathe and begin receiving.

But when you are making choices from your ego, your need to fit in, have it all figured out, and be admired by others for your incredible life - you will never feel truly happy because you will never get to that place of alignment where you are attracting what you want without having to force it.

Because in that process, you lose yourself. You are living your life for others.

And our egos are so powerful, so intelligent, and ultimately just want to protect us, so we become CONVINCED that this is what we truly want.

I'm not one of those people who thinks the ego is bad, but if it runs your life, you will never know what peace feels like.

Because when I think of happiness, I see someone who is at peace. Someone who attracts the life they want instead of pushing and fighting for it each day.

I see someone who is in touch with their true desires. Who they want to be around. What they like to do. Who they want to be in this world.

Someone who understands that the mind isn't meant to dominate the body and force it to move and eat a certain way. But who has discovered that the mind body connection is 1000x more powerful than any workout regimen or meal plan.

Both paths require discipline

But on the first path, you are committed to your appearance, pleasing others, and doing what you think you need to do to avoid failure and embarrassment.

And on the second path, you are committed to yourself and what you truly, deeply desire.

The people at the top, those who have endless resources, they all benefit from you being on that first path.

Good little worker bees who follow the status quo and never question the narrative.

Living in fear so that you stay complacent.

Being so afraid of failure and embarrassment that you never see your full potential.

But your life is meant for so much more than that

And if you feel that deep resonance with what I'm saying (even if it's mixed with fear and anxiety)

It means that you are meant for the second path

Because you don't want your life to revolve around gripping onto things that you were told to want

You want to find what you truly want

Realize that you are so much more powerful than you think

Take aligned action

And manifest the happiest version of your life

All without having to grip to anything

Without having to force yourself to stay busy to feel worthy

You want your life to flow

You want to be present when things are good

You want to know how to hold yourself when things are hard

You want to be in your heart enough to feel genuine gratitude when you've attracted all that you desire

So that you don't live your life in a state of constantly seeking out the next thing

Or waiting for something to go wrong

Devotion to the self

Healing from your past

Connecting to your inner guidance

Saying no to things that aren't what you truly want

Realizing that you are an incredibly powerful being

THAT'S the secret to truly being happy

That's what you're here to unlock within yourself

Because there are two types of hard work and discipline

One will lead you to appear happy

And one will lead you to actually FEEL happy

The choice is up to you.

Much love,



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