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Your home is a sanctuary that can be a powerful container for growth, healing, and expansion. However, may of us find ourselves living in environments that drain us and leave us feeling uninspired. These recordings will instantly transport you into the experience of living exactly where you want to live and therefore bring you closer to that reality.


The key to manifestation is feeling into the experience of already having what you want and reprogramming your subconscious mind to believe it. This package includes a powerful visualization meditation, morning affirmations, and a sleep hypnosis recording to bring you into the experience of living in your dream home.


Listen to these recordings every day and allow them to feel joyful to you. Find joy in the process of visualization and imagining how good your life can be. You will witness incredible results when you do.



(1) Visualization meditation - 22 minutes

(1) Morning affirmations - 11 minutes

(1) Sleep hypnosis - 44 minutes

Manifest Your Dream Home - Hypnosis + Meditation Package

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