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This personalized hypnosis recording will reprogram your subconscious mind to completely align with the reality that you are manifesting. These recordings are created to help you shift into theta state easily through breathwork and relaxation techniques. In this state of mind, your subconscious mind is highly susceptible to new beliefs, suggestions, and emotions. With consistency, you will completely shift your internal state and therefore, your external reality.


Once purchased, you will get a link to fill out a questionnaire about the current struggles you are facing in your life. You will then describe your ideal reality in detail. I will take this information and create a personalized hypnosis experience for you to listen to daily.


The experience will include:

-One hypnosis recording (with breathwork and techniques to help you fully relax and enter theta state)

-One visualization meditation (this will be the same recording without the relaxation techniques so that you can listen to it at the start of your day or play it in the background while you go about your day)

Personalized Hypnosis Recording

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