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The intention of this guide is to remind you that conflict is a natural part of intertwining two lives. Our relationships can be our greatest teachers and accelerators of our growth. Remember that you are both on the same team working towards the same goal. When you both align with that goal and hold it in your heart, you become unstoppable.


Use these resources to go deeper within yourself, process your emotions, and gain clarity during conflict and tap into the incredible power that exists when two souls come together to manifest a shared vision.




-Guided meditation and breathwork to listen to when the argument just isn't going anywhere to allow yourself to fully feel what you're feeling, validate yourself, and gain a deeper awareness of why it might be showing up. Move into a deeper understanding of your partner's side to develop compassion to help you resolve the conflict and find clarity about how to communicate your needs (duration: 16:35)


-Journal prompts to deepen that clarity


-Couples quantum leap meditation to connect to your greater vision for the life you're building and create deeper intimacy (duration: 20:46)


-Questions to facilitate meaningful and exciting conversations together

Power Couple: A Guide to Conflict Resolution + Co-Creating Your Life Together

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