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i'm Micaela

a spiritual mentor and hypnotherapist to help you ditch the rule-book and create a life you're wildly in love with.

I spent far too many years of my life afraid of being the real me— terrified of going all in on what I truly wanted to do. Until one day, I made it my mission to heal from my past, overcome those fears, and pave a new path that would never leave me feeling out of alignment again. I'm a multi-passionate human who could never choose just one thing to pursue. So I decided to take advantage of the incredible tool that is social media, do things my way, and teach others how to do the same.

My BIGGEST passion is helping you create what you came here to create BE all that you came here to be.

No desire left behind.

If you felt a sigh of relief reading that, then you're in the right place. 


Welcome to my inner-world, beautiful. Here, you'll find me talking about all that I've learned along my journey of becoming my true self again. From my personal stories, spiritual practices, and healthy recipes, to social media, wellness + beauty, and everything under the California sun.

hi beautiful soul!

I believe that we lift each other up and truly connect when we share openly and vulnerably about our lives. But don't worry love, I'll go first...

Dive into my blog to learn more about my life.

(+ get the inside scoop on all things personal growth, spirituality recipes, healthy living & more)





i'll be your guide, mentor, and voice of unconditional love & support as you become who you're meant to be

let's explore

here's how I can help:




For the girl who dreams of being her own boss and having more freedom, but just feels a little stuck trying to put it all into action. This mentorship includes it all. We will use hypnotherapy to help you overcome subconscious blocks that might be limiting your motivation, get you crystal clear on what you're destined to create, dive into spiritual practices that align you with your innate power to manifest, and obviously, create a killer game plan to bring it all to life.



A personal coaching container to help you learn who you are and what you want and create a plan for the future you are genuinely excited about. Expect serious mental, emotional, spiritual growth, and healing!




Overcome habits, beliefs, and anything holding you back from your fullest potential with this powerful subconscious healing technique.

what to expect:


A branding & business-minded bestie to share all of your dreams, ideas, and aspirations with


A guide to help you stay on track, remind you who TF you are, and provide you with clear action steps


A presence of unconditional love and support as you process & release your past


Create with me

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