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Body Bliss

Embark on a transformative journey of unlearning limiting beliefs, reconnecting with your physical body, and experiencing the power of manifestation. Rediscover the joy of movement and eating, and manifest your most radiant physical appearance as you align with the freedom you were meant for.

A journey created by Micaela Mariner, Hypnotherapist & Spiritual Mentor

Eating disorders, obsessive restriction, and overexercising took away so much of my joy for almost 15 years.  3 years ago, I discovered the power of hypnotherapy, manifestation, and deep healing work. I was able to address the root cause of my struggle and tap into my innate ability to manifest my desired physical appearance without having to sacrifice my joy. It is my mission to inspire you to tap into your power, reconnect to your body, and truly believe that you can have everything you desire.


What's included:

-Video lessons on unlearning limiting beliefs, reprogramming your mind, step-by-step guide to body manifestation, how to heal from your past experiences, and more

-Hypnosis recordings to completely shift your identity to the version of you who already has this body

-Healing rituals to let go of binge eating, restriction, obsession, and negative self-perception

-Guided meditations to help you reconnect with your body, your intuition, and visualize your healthiest self

-Daily affirmations for self-acceptance, forgiveness, self-love, and body manifestation

-Movement meditations and affirmations for rapid physical transformation

-Life-changing journal prompts to help you gain deeper awareness of yourself and remember your power to shift your reality

-Q&A access to support you along the way

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